PATRON tension systems

For tensioning between trees and for hanging in the wild.

The heart of PATRON® is the specially woven band made of polyester fiber with repeating eyelets (micro loops) without seam. Expandable with the appropriate clamping element and the desired number of hooks, environmentally friendly clamping solutions are available for a variety of applications - without sacrificing safety.

- Machine-made eyelets (tearproof and without seams)
- tight fit of all hardware parts
- Polyester: UV-stable and weatherproof
- Tunnel distance: 1,5ft (50 cm)
- Breaking strength: 2,000 daN

  • PATRON Hanger

    The self-pulling hinge solution for hanging applications, non-slip only under load. Simply wrap - loop through - done !! Developed for hanging applications such as swings, hanging chairs and much...

    7,50 EUR (All prices incl. 19% VAT plus Shipping)

  • PATRON Rachet

    The permanently positionable hinge solution with ratchet for hanging and side applications. Permanently non-slip even with lateral forces. Simply ritsch - ratchet - done !! Developed for hanging ...

    14,90 EUR (All prices incl. 19% VAT plus Shipping)

  • PATRON Between

    This way, distances between two or more points can be bridged quickly and easily and is also gentle on trees. The decisive advantage is that the trees can move freely and therefore do not represent...

    24,90 EUR (All prices incl. 19% VAT plus Shipping)

  • PATRON Between Security

    The belt system supplements PATRON BETWEEN with a separate safety band (hot standby) without diminishing the named advantages of the product. Developed for hanging loads between trees for hanging...

    39,90 EUR (All prices incl. 19% VAT plus Shipping)