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More than 100,000 swings sold

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Here you will find swings and swing accessories from our own production. They offer comfortable swing fun for adults, children and whole families. Rocking becomes a lasting experience with our products and makes all hearts beat faster.

Sophisticated swing concept that is impressive:
- resilient, durable and safe
- sustainable and resource-efficient
- upgradeable and exchangeable
- Made in Germany

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The fascinating world of swings

What’s so special about a swing, and what influence do swings really have on our life?

People have been asking this and other questions on the topic of “swings” since time immemorial. We know, for example, that a swing bed has a calming effect on babies and rocks them to sleep. We know, too, that children are only too happy to mess about on a swing, and that even grown-ups like to settle down on the famous Hollywood swing and experience a touch of romance.

The precise influence that swinging has on people remains a mystery, and has long been investigated in medical institutions. Foremost among the researchers are the Children clinic Munich (Kinderzentrum München), the Universitätsklinikum Hamburg and the Charité Berlin, where the swing has long been a universal movement device.

What’s not in doubt, however, is that the swing has a multitude of applications and that a swinging motion while lying, sitting or standing affects people’s wellbeing and psyche.

Swinging and the wellness effect

Swinging has a calming and relaxing effect on body, mind and soul, and word has gotten out, because our swings are in high demand. More than 7,500 models now make their way over the counter each year. On a swing is the perfect place to dream, far away from stress and the hustle and bustle. Modern swings can be used as a hammock or even a rocking chair. Swinging allows you to regain your inner peace. Even kids find ordinary children’s swings boring compared to our multi-child swing, because it too is great for lying down and going to sleep on after a busy day. When children spend a few minutes each day swinging, they relax without even noticing it. That’s pretty impressive. So swinging has a wellness effect, one that even has a certain background in therapy. Therapy that doesn’t hurt, but is one hell of a lot of fun.

Therapy with a children's swing

We now offer a range of swings in different designs and for a variety of functions, both indoors and outdoors. Among these, the children’s swing is a unique instrument for supporting children in their first movements. The therapy swing aids in the learning and controlled practice of movement sequences in confined spaces. It’s an ideal exercise device for achieving balance while sitting or standing. The type of swing is not just suitable for small children; it also provides very effective support for therapy with disabled children and young people. The platforms offer space for children of different sizes. They are available in both rectangular and square shapes. A little fun on a swing has a major effect.

Swinging together - fun for everyone

Children love swinging together. Our multi-child swings give them an opportunity to do so, providing lots of swinging fun for big and small. Whether indoors or outdoors, our patented swings offer safe swinging fun and are real eye-catchers in any location.

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