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17.12.2019 - universalpackers
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18.03.2019 - Jason Beckham

Mobile app development should use an iterative approach, which means support should be accounted for when planning a budget. The numbers may not be exact at the outset, but developing a longer-term strategy with a product roadmap (phased approach, roll-out plan for new features, etc.) will give you a good idea of the effort and resources required as requirements evolve.
Have a Contingency Plan
In an ideal world, you wouldn’t need to be flexible on time, scope, or budget. But failing to account for the fact that you might have to bend as products evolve or new needs arise is very risky; if something does change, there is no contingency plan that allows you to deliver a market-ready product.

Failing to follow agile principles and not allowing flexibility in your process means your team can’t adapt quickly. If you can’t adapt quickly, you lose project velocity, and target deadlines are missed.

Strategies For Building Flexibility Into Your Process
There are practices that allow you to bake flexibility into the agile app development process itself. These practices help with time, scope, and cost management, but also allow for rapid adaptability to changing needs. At Clearbridge, we use an agile squad model that includes a number of these practices:

• Squad-based agile development – Squads are small co-located teams that are responsible for the end-to-end delivery of a product. They plan together, share knowledge, and have a known capacity. This reduces risk and allows for predictable velocity.

• Rolling wave planning – Rolling wave planning involves delaying product decisions until you’re in the best position to make them. It lets you analyze and act upon knowledge that wasn’t available at project kick-off. This lowers your risk, minimizes downtime, and allows you to adjust to changing product needs.

• Flexible capacity – Squads have a known maximum capacity, and have the ability to scale up or down within that capacity. Since all members share knowledge of the project, when you need the squad at full capacity every team member can easily jump in; when the workload is lighter resources can be scaled down.

While there are variations in the way agile development is practiced, a foundational aspect is the ability


07.02.2019 - Liviana
Assalamualaikum warohmotullahi wabarakatuh.... 
Saya Liviana Ivy ingin berbagi kisah nyata. 
Saya dulu hanyalah seorang pembantu yang kerja di luar negri untuk membantu keluarga yang ada di indonesia...Yang sedang Banyak hutang sana sini... 

Saya hampir putus asa karena beban hidup yang terlalu berat saya tanggung.... 

Hingga pada suatu hari saya tidak sengaja buka facebook dan saya melihat dibawak komentar tentang aki agung samudra yang bisa membantu

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