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General questions

Why is swinging so important?
Swinging is important because it supports our sense of balance in a particular way. Together with our sense of touch (tactile system) and sense of position (proprioception), these three basic senses represent the foundation of our body.

It has also been scientifically proven that this stimulates the brain to continue structuring itself, allowing faster processing of a range of sensory impressions.

We use these senses daily, while learning in school or in critical situations in which it's only possible to react reflexively. That’s why the sense must work well together. For example, cycling: Experts know that children are correspondingly safer on a bike the more they have previously practised their balance.
What is different about multi-child swings compared to traditional swings?
A multi-child swing is a meeting place for several children. Through their interest in swinging and using the generous space available, children can enjoy the experience together as they practise both playful interaction in a group as well as how to integrate socially. Even children who have had little contact with others join in and connect with the group.
But we parents are also winners, because we can swing along too or simply lie back, relax and watch the children.

Technical questions about our products

Where can multi-child swings be fitted?
Multi-child swings can be fitted to any swing frame with two or four suspension points.

It is also possible to fit it if there is only one suspension point available. However the direction of swing cannot then be controlled. So there won’t be any pleasant floating sensation.
Why is the lining made of individual stripes?  
Because a stripe lining...
a.) can deal with loads better than a fabric lining.b.) adapts to the body more pleasantly.
c.) simply spreads out if a stripe is overloaded at a particular point.
d.) is easier and more convenient to repair. Individual stripes can be exchanged at any time.
What are the minimum requirements for an existing swing set?  
- Good technical condition of the frame
- Wooden frame: No damaged timber or fungal decay
- Metal frame: No deep rust
- Suspension points in good working order (swing collars)
- Securely fixed to the ground
- Regular, safety-conscious inspection of the frame!

The minimum requirements for a swing frame are:
- Crossbeams with a diameter of 10cm and feet on the “A” part of the swing with a diameter of 8cm
- The distance between the swing feet must be at least 1.8m, because
<--gap of 60cm --> <SWING SURFACE> <--gap of 60 cm -->
- The distance between the swing feet is a minimum of 2m.
- It is helpful to attach additional braces at the corners.
- Must be anchored to the ground
- Swing collars are parts which may become worn. They must be kept in sound working order.
What are the recommendations for a new swing set?
- Frame with crossbeams 12cm in diameter
- Frame with feat each 10cm in diameter
- Minimum distance between the feet of 1.8m
- Securely fixed to the ground
- Regular inspection and maintenance of the swing frame.
- This frame is also available at your local wood stockist
Can I use a Kettler frame?
Yes, our products can also be used on a frame supplied by the Kettler company. However, according to the manufacturer, the frame can only be loaded with 50kg per seat supplied. That means a “gondola” swing has 2 seats and can therefore be loaded with 100kg.
Why a network of individual stripes?
Each lining consists of individual stripes that are interlaced. In contrast to surfaces woven all the way through (such as hammocks), the lining can withstand higher loads on a continuous basis and is soft compared to the lining of traditional nest swings.

And if the lining is ever damaged, it is generally just individual bands which can simply be replaced.
Where can I view the products and try them out?
There are now many stockists of our multi-child swings and more are appearing every day. Simply ask at your toy retailer or look at our list of stockists.
Why do swing rings break?  
Swing rings only break if they have been suspended incorrectly. The reason is that the rings grind against the hooks, instead of rolling.

How can I check for this?
Standing in front of the swing surface and looking in the direction of the swing, you cannot see through the swing rings attached to the rope. If you can, then the swing rings are subject to the grinding previously mentioned.

What do I do if this is the case?
Get in touch with us. We will be happy to send you a new set of swing rings.
What are the options for attaching a swing to a branch or wooden beams?  
Screws would weaken or even damage the branch. What you could use is a belt with eyelets on both sides and a corresponding carabiner snap hook, which is threaded through both eyelets.

A rule of thumb for the belt length is as follows: Belt length >= 2 x circumference of the branch
Please note that this example is not a permanent and foolproof solution. We make no guarantee and accept no liability with regard to this solution.


What do I do if a part breaks?
If damage appears within the statutory warranty period of two years, you have the right to replacement parts in accordance with our warranty procedure.

Send us a photo demonstrating the problem and you will receive the broken part from us or through one of our distribution partners.

We actually provide a warranty period of 5 years for the bands in the lining. If a stripe breaks within this period, you’ll receive an immediate replacement, because we follow the motto: “Service is our strength”.


What are my rights when it comes to returns?
When purchasing a product, you may exercise your right to return the product within 10 working days.

Send the disassembled product in its original packaging back to us free of charge and have the purchase price refunded. And you’re done!